How to know your Future


How to Know Your Future

Can meditation help us to know our future? In this article I will introduce you the art that will reveal the unknown and make it known right away. Do you want to learn how to know your future? I will show you exactly how to see into the great mystery of your future. Keep reading…

Is the Future Your Best Friend?

There’s much that can be said about the future. Hopes, anticipations, fears, worries are mostly based on an idea of some sort of future waiting for us “out there”. The future appears to be a very real thing, that can be discovered, seen or experienced in this present moment. Therefore many people loose their head about not being able to know what’s going to happen to them and where life will lead them.

As a result we loose sleep over the meeting which is supposed to happen tomorrow and fight with relatives about the future of our country. To some people, the future is a very serious motivator. It motivates us to seek happiness and solve problems. In short: We really believe that there’s a substantial thing such as the future which can be changed in order to find the “happy end” of our personal story… which is existing as a thought.
Ah, “Tomorrow” – the wonderful tranquilizer that keeps us in this delicious haze of perpetual mental dissatisfaction.


Does More Future = More Happiness?

Always remember that paradise, salvation, happiness, solutions and all the good stuff is going to happen – it will! Never loose your hope as the day will come when everyone is riding a vegan unicorn into a united divine world in which there’s no anger, no pollution and everyone continually loves each other. The more time we spend thinking about the future, the more we are missing out on actual lifetime which is passing right in this moment.

If you want to stay unfulfilled, ignore the present moment and join the frantic chase for more. This is my secret tip! (Psssst!) Contentment is for losers without ambition, right? Are you a looser? Well, I didn’t think so! So let’s get out there together and change the world. I am sure if we all believe in the change it will happen one day and all will be good! Say it with me:” I fully trust that I am going to have a great life tomorrow, next month, next year!”


How to Know Your Future

You have been tense in your seat because you would like to know how it’s all going to come down, right? Sorry I kept you waiting there. I will now reveal the secret of your personal story’s end, which is especially relevant. For those who don’t like spoilers, watch out! I am rubbing my third eye right now… sensing, feeling your future… Ahhhh, there it is! I have seen your truth, and it’s funny as we actually share the same truth! Coincidence?!

  1. You will experience pain followed by pleasure
  2. The pleasure will then follow the pain again
  3. You will die

There, that’s how to know your future! It’s actually all you ever need to know concerning your future. Everything else is uncertain, not sure, and it won’t last.


The Secret to a Better Life

It would be a bit depressing to end our exploration into the future at this point. But there are good news! Seeing what we can really expect from the future, we will look for happiness elsewhere. That does not mean to abandon goals or ambitions. It simply means that we don’t hope to find fulfillment or lasting happiness in the future anymore – that’s all. Instead we can use our time wisely and find more happiness by relaxing and releasing tension right now.

Once you let go, there’s happiness. You are lightening up, become unburdened and more open. If you are living your life like this, your future will come from your present state of release and happiness. Instead of being born out of fears, hopes, worries and tension, your future will come out of a relaxed and happy present state. If every human being would make knowing life in this moment a priority over anticipating life in the next moment, we could probably solve a lot of problems within our human hearts in this human world… soon 😉


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