What is a Meditation Retreat?


Meditation retreats in thailandI can imagine that you must be wondering:”What is a Meditation Retreat? What am I supposed to do there? How does it help me and with what exactly does it help me?”

Allow me to answer all of your questions – and if you still have more, you are always welcome to check out our FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)
Our modern,fast-paced lifestyle can be overwhelming and stressful. Somehow, in the pursuit of happiness we lose touch with our deepest nature and, ironically, the result is a decrease in health and wellbeing.
We can lose our ability to cope, feel stressed and overburdened. We feel ourselves victims of our moods, thoughts and emotions, instead of masters of them.
A retreat allows us to let go of outer distractions and move inward. We rediscover our natural being through learning how to handle the mind and give ourselves the space for peace and stillness to arise.

What is a Meditation Retreat?

A Retreat is a time of deepening for your practice of meditation. It can also be a time of learning a lot about meditation. You can for example use your holidays in order to find out more about practice, how to do it and study the subject of meditation theoretically and practically. The way we do it here at Dharana is much like a workshop. It’s intense, fun and a complete learning experience concerning the experience of peace and happiness.

Benefits of a Meditation retreat ThailandWhat am I supposed to do at a Meditation Retreat?

Your goal is simply to become mindfully aware of yourself. The rest happens much by itself. Once you become aware, peace and joy settle in automatically. You will have classes twice daily and learn everything about the background of meditation and mind-training. In between you are supposed to practically experience and control the mind until you fully understand how it works. Once you understand that, you will be able to control and direct your mind just as you want to.

 How does it help me and with what exactly does it help me?

A retreat helps you with your life. It helps you to discover joy and emotional freedom. It also creates a great surrounding for you to experience your mind the way you have never experienced it before. It is a lifechanging opportunity to let go of old, disturbing mental patterns and find a new way of responding to the challenges of daily life. The simplicity of good meditation practice and qualified guidance is the key to more success, happiness and beauty within your life. A retreat helps you also to let go of your past and your future and discover the present moment. Within the present moment, depression, anxiety and stress can’t survive.

Why would you enjoy a retreat?

Sometimes a regular holiday can be as busy and overstimulated as our working lives. We do not truly unrest and unwind. We gain some benefit but the holiday always seems too short and the therapeutic effects of the break soon evaporate when we return to work.

With an authentic meditation retreat, this is not the case. In just 3-5 days in a quiet, focused environment we can access states of inner peace, heal depression and anxiety and feel whole again. Moreover, such experiences will stay with us when we return home. We will have techniques to draw on that experience again and again, as we return to the stress of modern life.

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